Fourth Circle - Elements

13 songs
61:41 minutes
***** ****
Dark Tunes


French band Fourth Circle have been founded in 2011. Coming from the Lorraine department, they can actually be considered neighbours of Luxembourg. In 2013, they self-released their debut album Lifetimes, but since then the band has moved on stylistically. The six band members, all of them part of the original line-up, have been working hard these last three years to come up with their second album Elements, which according to the band is a huge improvement over the debut.

Not familiar with their first record, I can claim though that Elements is a very listenable experience. Roughly speaking, one can label Fourth Circle as a symphonic metal band, although there is much more to them than that. The band manages to write effortlessly songs brimming with tension. The different tracks are very melodic without lacking the necessary heaviness. Vocalist Audrey is quite the frontwoman, convincing with her clear performance as well as with her growls. On the third track, the fierce Waterís Child, it should be obvious that the band is more than a one trick pony. The following These Walls is a nice contract with its more romantic approach. The first highlight comes right after with From Moon, a piece filled with tension and drama, reminding of the better days of The Gathering. Equally strong is the single Iron Will that starts quite dark before becoming ever more rousing. Even if not every track reaches the level of those two aforementioned songs, Fourth Circle still manage to make it through the one-hour running time without any lengths. The entire album feels like a rollercoaster ride with many fast songs that often sound rather brutal, interspersed by quieter dreamy parts to add to the dynamic tension. The concluding Sleepless Son is a seven-minute epic that sums up one more time what Fourth Circle is all about. It is here where you can admire also the really great keyboard playing.

Fourth Circle have really made an impression with Elements. Of course there is still room for some improvement, but one should not forget that the band hasnít been together for that long and that consequently there is still a lot of time for exploration. I am certain that we havenít heard the last of Fourth Circle yet.

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