FRONTBACK - Don't Mind The Noise

Frontback - Don't Mind The Noise

11 songs
39:59 minutes
***** ***
Black Lodge


I havenít been listening much to hard rock lately because I came to the conclusion that the genre really doesnít have anything new to offer anymore. Two and a half years ago, I saw the disappointing Five Finger Death Punch opening for Judas Priest, which only confirmed my opinion.

But then, once in a while, one stumbles over the exception to the rule. In this case I am talking about Frontback. The Swedes released two EPs in 2008 and 2011, followed by two longplayers in 2013 and 2017, but I only discovered them with their third album Donít Mind The Noise.

Vocalist/guitarist Anlo Front, the only remaining member of the original line-up, attracts attention with her strange military uniform. A short intro is followed by Fearless which features timeless rockíníroll. The songs take advantage of Anloís charismatic voice which comes with a certain punk attitude. Letís Play RockíníRoll is another cool track that knows how to get the listenersí attention. The band is rocking unperturbedly through the compact length of the album. The four Swedes have managed to craft a sizzling mix of rockíníroll, noise, melodies and punch. Only When The Wind Is Gone is a more sedate track, with the band maybe trying get a certain arena rock flair into their music. Despite a certain kitsch factor, even this piece works well within the confines of the album.

Frontback will be touring this fall with Thundermother, and itís hard to imagine a more fitting package. Itís been shown time and again that no one can rock in a more authentic way than the Scandinavians. Frontbackís music is kept deliberately simple, but itís also incredibly entertaining and even repeated listening wonít take the fun out of the songs.

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