FROZEN OCEAN - The Prowess Of Dormition

Frozen Ocean - The Prowess Of Dormition

4 songs
24:47 minutes
***** **
Apocalyptic Witchcraft


Russian musician Vaarwel has been around for ten years with his project Frozen Ocean. In this solo project, he is in charge of the vocals and all the instruments (guitar, bass, mandolin,...). Instead of drums, there are programmed beats and samples. Varweel is a downright workaholic who self-released 11 longplayers, 5 EPs and 3 split records. Most of his music can be downloaded with the name-your-price policy on his Bandcamp page, except for The Prowess Of Dormition, his first EP he has released on a record label.

The EP comes with four tracks with extended instrumental parts that make it to nearly twenty-five minutes. The opener No Blizzard starts in a dreamy way but gradually becomes more muscular. The screaming vocals fit well but are typical black metal. The following Once Aglow is somewhat rawer but still finds time for atmospheric parts. Det Siste Snofallet is the only instrumental piece on the EP. Varweel proves his musical prowess on this vocal-less track. The EP ends with the title track which is also the heaviest moment, but also comes with some folk touches that harmonise well with the aggressive music.

Until now I was not familiar with Frozen Ocean, but the twenty-five minutes of The Prowess Of Dormition are quite entertaining, provided you like black metal. I felt reminded at times of the very early Bathory albums, even if the latter played in a slightly higher league. The only drawback are the quite synthetic sounding synthesizers which rob the black metal sound some of its primeval charm. Apart from that I am looking forward to hear more new music from this promising Russian artist, and letís not forget thereís a huge back catalogue waiting to be discovered.

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