GANEF - Straßenköter

Ganef - Straßenköter

13 songs
46:12 minutes
***** **
Sturm und Klang


Ganef is the Yiddish word for thief, and is also the pseudonym for German/Russian singer/songwriter Sergej Master. As a Jew he is emphasising on the cultural identity of his people and not on religious issues. Straßenköter is Ganef’s second album and offers crime infused chanson.

With musical roots stretching to Russia, Ganef is quoting composers like Alexander Rosenbaum and Vladimir Vysozki among his influences. Even though the accordion is ensuring an Eastern European mood, there are also other elements that can be discovered. Paris is for instance one of Ganef’s favourite cities, so that a certain Parisian flair also makes sense. I definitely prefer Ganef’s more intense side as can be heard on Ein Überfall and Der Straßenköter. The fast Der Drache with its Klezmer touch and the cabaret tinted Der Kriegspfad are further highlights on the album, just like the angry pieces Stolzer Jude and An der Wand. The less exciting material like the piano led An der Spree, which feels like a travelogue of Berlin, and the sentimental Die Experten didn’t really convince me.

Straßenköter has been released on Konstantin Wecker’s label Sturm und Klang, where you usually find rather singer/songwriters than rock artists. Those of you who have a predilection for chanson might be thrilled by Ganef, but if you predominantly listen to rock music, you might be at the wrong address.

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