HELLEVATE - Weapons Against Their Will

Hellevate - Weapons Against Their Will

12 songs
59:09 minutes
***** ***


Founded in 2007, Kansas City based Hellevateís goal is to be the most metal of all heavy metal bands. After two EPs and the eponymous debut album, the quintet is now back with its sophomore album, once again self-released as in the past. One thingís for sure, the guys wonít win a prize for originality, but metal historians will have a field day picking out all the different influences that made it onto Weapons Against Their Will. Hellevate must have studied hard when it comes to the early days of heavy metal, mostly from the early to the late Eighties, concocting a stew of speed, thrash, power and heavy metal that may never stray far from the given direction but has enough variety to keep you entertained throughout the hour long album.

Starting with the three minute instrumental Infected Chaos, itís obvious from the start that weíre in for some heady old school heavy metal. The first regular track Street Reaper is a four minute speed thrash metal song that remind of the glory days of Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Holy Terror and the likes. The drumming during the chorus feels a little awkward but adds to the musicís charm, just like the somewhat low key production that feels as if the album came straight from the Eighties. The following Blasphemer Deceiver follows in the same direction, with high speed guitar riffs recalling a time when metal was mostly fast instead of relying solely on slower groove parts. This track made me reminisce of I.N.C., a probably long forgotten thrash metal band that never got the praise it deserved. The First Flame shows that Hellevate must also be familiar with Metallica, probably And Justice For All era, whereas Hall Pass To Hell is more of straight thrasher that also works well for the band.

Later on they even try their hand on two longer tracks, The Iconoclasm (nine minutes) and Regicide (eight minutes), but as of now I am convinced that their more compact material works better, as Hellevate are more apt at creating aggressive songwriting than at coming up with epically proportioned metal suites. And yet I applaud their ambition, because those who donít try will never get there in the end.

One hour may at times be a little on the long side for Hellevate, but all in all Weapons Against Their Will has a lot to offer, from the charming retro speed thrash sound, over the vintage production, to the truly metal as fuck attitude. These guys are authentic, and even though they are still unsigned, they should be checked out by every fan of vintage metal.

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