HELMINTHIUM - The Fall Of Paradigms

Helminthium - The Fall Of Paradigms

4 songs
18:35 minutes
***** ***


Rome wasnít built in one day, and neither was The Fall Of Paradigms, the debut EP by Cyprian black death metal band Helminthium. Consisting of Andreas M. (vocals) and Christos Ioannou (guitars, programming), who both have apparently quite the active past in the metal scene of Cyprus, the duo recorded vocals and instruments between 2009 and 2012. The next five years were used to mix, master and sequence the recordings into four very appealing songs that combine a certain old school approach of death metal with a slightly technical / progressive take at the song structures. The vocals switch between evil death growls, occasionally reminding of a young Chris Barnes, and hysterical black metal shrieks.

One wonders though if for eight years in the making, The Fall of Paradigms could have been longer than a mere four tracks! Thatís half a song per year! But the final result is therefore highly listenable, with the vocals striking a skilful balance between death and black metal, while the guitars are played by someone who really knows all the tricks of the trade. Helminthium sound actually less European as they sound American, or geographically more to the point: Florida. At times I hear shadows of early Morbid Angel, which should be considered a huge compliment. The drum programming is fitful enough, although a real live drummer would have given the music a more organic touch.

The first three tracks (Nullify, We The Fearless, Genosuicide) show Helminthiumís more typical side, with fast, chaotic parts switching with more progressive guitar movements. The concluding Helminthium is at over six minutes the EPís longest track and proof that the duo is also quite adept at mid-tempo madness.

While The Fall Of Paradigms may not be an essential addition to the death metal canon, it does manage to present a talented band from the truest underground. They have their Bandcamp page where they sell the EP, but until now you wonít find an official homepage or apparitions on social media sites. The music is very good, full of dynamic tension and sometimes really evil. Letís hope that Helminthiumís so far limited footprint on the Internet will make them findable enough for potential listeners, and that in the future they will work faster to release new material.

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