HIGH FIGHTER - Scars & Crosses

High Fighter - Scars & Crosses

8 songs
40:43 minutes
***** ***


The career of Hamburg based metal band High Fighter started out quite fast. Founded from the remains of A Million Miles and Buffalo Hump, the band soon released a free five track EP on Bandcamp. This made it easy for people to convince themselves of their qualities. And now in 2016, itís time for their first longplayer Scars & Crosses on the renowned indie label Svart Records.

As on their debut The Goat Ritual, itís not easy to categorise High Fighter. Even though sludge metal might be the main ingredient, there are also elements of doom metal, heavy blues and hardcore to be made out. A Silver Heart, the longest track at six and a half minutes, kicks off the album with a sound as heavy as lava. The heavy riffs, with a rumbling bass foundation, will get under your skin. The instruments sound most of the time distorted, making for a threatening atmosphere. The charismatic deep voice of vocalist Mona sounds quite raw and doesnít shrink back from shrieks either. Some tracks are shorter than four minutes, and it is here where High Fighter show themselves from their groovier side, that can as well veer into more emotional anger. But no matter what direction High Fighter choose, their songs are always captivating and thrilling.

Despite its rather short length, Scars & Crosses is a thoroughly suspenseful and fascinating debut album. If you like your music intense and brutal, this might just be the record that you have been looking for.

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