HIGH HOPES - Sights & Sounds

High Hopes - Sights & Sounds

10 songs
32:12 minutes
***** **


A few years ago metalcore was the big thing, but nowadays the hype has abated. High Hopes from Reading in England have been active for ten years and donít think about changing their style on their meanwhile third album Sights & Sounds. Inspired by the early Misery Signals, High Hopes are addressing their music primarily at metalcore fans from the very early days.

As is usual heaviness and melody go hand in hand on Sights & Sounds. The first regular song The Callout is a direct and very raw metalcore track. Closer inspection reveals that the musicians are really adept at their instruments, and while the vocals and the rhythm section are in charge of brutality, the two guitarist procure the necessary melodic variety. At times one can blame High Hopes that some songs, despite not being bad on their own, are following too often the same formula. The songs have enough drive and never fail to get quickly to the point, except for Manipulator, a quieter song that might appeal to the emo faction. The Greater Plan goes in a similar direction, and to end the album the band surprises with the emotional title track where a keyboard adds a healthy dose of drama.

On balance we are left with a good half hour of intensive metalcore. Five fast tracks, three more emotional ones, an intro and a short quiet interlude are the ten elements that make up Sights & Sounds. Maybe half an hour is enough for a genre that has possibly less variety to offer than other styles (like progressive rock for instance), and frankly the short length makes certain that you wonít be bored, but it would also be fair to sell this slim package a few euros cheaper than a regular long album.

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