HOTET - Död Framtid

Hotet - Död Framtid

4 songs
8:33 minutes
***** ****
Never Understand


Coming from Gothenburg, Hotet are a punk rock band consisting of two women and two men. They have two guitars, a bass guitar and stand-up drummer, and the vocals are shared by the two women and one of the men. Död Framtid is already their second seven inch release this year, and should appeal to everyone who likes their punk rock simple, catchy and thoroughly heartfelt. The four songs are all quite short, ranging from a little over a minute to one track making to nearly three minutes.

I never listened to that much punk rock myself, but I do feel catapulted back into the late Seventies and early Eighties, when bands like The Undertones and Buzzcocks suddenly merged the fierceness of up-tempo punk with the melodic accessibility of pop music. What Hotet lack in precision and finesse, they more than make up with their unbridled passion. While the musicianship is rather basic, and the stand-up drums never achieve the same power as a regular sitting drummer, the quartet has two things working in their favour. The songwriting is just sublime, with each track on the EP standing out with unforgettable melodies delivered at a fast pace. Also the vocals are incredibly fantastic. Not one of the vocalists is actually a good singer, but the way the three voices work together will leave you speechless. An in-your-face attitude combined with heartfelt emotions can’t leave anyone cold.

This is now a rather short review, but then this is also a rather short release. Fans of early punk rock with a predilection for poppy melodies will be just as delighted as I was after repeatedly listening to Hotet, a totally genuine and unpretentious punk rock band from Sweden.

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