HUNDRED HEADLESS HORSEMEN - Hundred Headless Horsemen

Hundred Headless Horsemen - Hundred Headless Horsemen

4 songs
21:14 minutes
***** **


It must have sucked for the musicians of Hundred Headless Horsemen. The summer of 2014 was unbearably hot in Helsinki, so there must be some truth to the rumour that northern men do prefer the cold. Usually playing in friendlier sounding bands like Manfish, Handlingnoise and others, the quartet decided to lock themselves within a dark rehearsal room to start something completely new for them.

The initial idea must have been to play extreme metal, but it is very well possible that the band hadn’t planned on such grimy psychedelic sludge death metal. The self-titled four track EP starts with the crawling Feast, with just under four minutes the shortest track on the record. One guitar provides a downtuned doom rhythm, while the other guitar adds a crying melody. The rhythm section is pounding slowly along, while the vocals sound like coming from the very depths of hell. Halfway into the song the pace quickens, giving the song a structure similar to Black Sabbath’s War Pigs, albeit in a more evil fashion.

The following Reindeer is with seven minutes the longest track on the EP. Not quite an instrumental, yet the vocals take a subordinate role. Although the band uses elements from psychedelia, sludge and death metal, it isn’t hard to guess that they don’t really have a metal background. But that is not a bad thing, as it allows the band to approach this genre in a wholly innocent way. The slow paced parts show that HHH has quickly found its way into the sludge genre, while the mesmerising guitar work allows for the psychedelic components. The next piece, Draken, is an excellent example of groovy death metal, once again performed in the band’s idiosyncratic way. The concluding Spinal is another longer track and adds a post metal atmosphere to its repertoire.

Hundred Headless Horsemen have ventured into metal territory on their very own, and while they may not have reinvented heavy metal, their psychedelic touch adds a lot of freshness to a genre which comes alas with too many stale bands. You can check out the band’s self-titled EP on the usual music platforms on the Internet, and if you like slow paced death metal full of gravitas and excellent guitar work, you are definitely not at the wrong address.

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