INFANT DEATH - Violent Rites

Infant Death - Violent Rites

10 songs
30:15 minutes
***** ****
Apocalyptic Empire


Itís a good guess to say that no one has ever accused Norwegian based trio Infant Death of being original. The Trondheim based band is fully committed to the rawest possible blackened thrash metal. On their third album Violent Rites, they are chasing full speed ahead through their ten songs in just half an hour, averaging a compact three minutes per track. The individual songs are never shorter than two minutes, but also never make it over four minutes.

Some may complain that half an hour is not that much for a longplayer, but then I have to remind you that the best thrash metal album of all times Ė Slayerís Reign In Blood Ė wasnít any longer. Of course Violent Rites is not as groundbreaking as that all-time classic, but as a revivalist homage to its ancestors, itís one hell of a ride you wonít forget anytime soon. What all the songs have in common, is their nearly unrelenting speed, apart from some very few mid-tempo breaks, and the fact that no clichť is spared. Song titles like Troops Of Dead (which doesnít even make sense in a grammatical way), Vomit Funeral, Subhuman Elimination, etc. should be proof enough of that.

The albumís production is very basic and yet also incredibly charming, recalling the spirit of ancient classic from early Sodom, Destruction, Sepultura, Slayer and possibly even some Venom thrown in for good measure. Revivalism isnít a new trend, and all too often, these quasi-tribute bands feel stale, but in the case of Infant Death, we are in the presence of three totally dedicated metalheads who donít only look the look (just have a look at their wristbands with evilly long nails!), but also let it thrash as if the last thirty years had never happened. Itís a short, intense and thoroughly entertaining journey through what thrash metal used to be in the first place. Purists and nostalgics will definitely delight in a frenzy of ultra-speed headbanging!

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