INGER LORRE - Live At The Viper Room

Inger Lorre - Live At The Viper Room

13 songs
58:07 minutes
***** ***
Sweet Nothing


1991 must have been the worst year to release music. It was one year before the big breakthrough of the grunge genre, and glam metal was already as good as dead. This was also the year when an American band called The Nymphs released their eponymous debut album. They came, had the lifespan of a firefly, and were gone already the following year. Led by vocalist Inger Lorre, this band combined the extravaganza of glam metal, the snottiness of punk and the filth of grunge into their very own cocktail that was as original as it was truly great. Frontwoman Inger was always prone for scandals. One day she might be pissing on the desk of a PR person, another day she might give her boyfriend a blowjob on stage. This outrageous behaviour fit the decadence of the glam metal era, but somehow it hid the fact that the Nymphs were one hell of songwriters. Their one and only album was brimming with hits that unfortunately never became as famous as they had every right to be.

In the last days of the millennium, Inger Lorre released a solo album, and then there were on and off releases of single tracks and collaborations, but it is only now that she seems to be coming back for good. Live At The Viper Room is considered an official bootleg, and while the recording quality is quite decent, it doesnít fit the standards of a professional live album. But thatís not really a problem, because I at least was more than happy to hear Ms. Lorre performing live again. I guess she must be about fifty years now, and her voice has become more gravelly and possibly liquor soaked over the years, but that gives the songs a more mature quality, like looking back with experience to the things one did in the past.

More than half of the tracks featured on Live At The Viper Room have been taken from the Nymphs album, and itís of course a huge pleasure to especially encounter their two semi-hits Sad And Damned and the divine Imitating Angels. Other classics that have been revisited are 2 Cats, Death Of A Scenester, Wasting My Days and many more. Inger Lorre is still a tremendous frontwoman, showing that you donít have to give up on charisma and unadulterated sex appeal even in the later years. She was definitely the missing link between glam metal and grunge rock, although at times she had been described as alternative rock (a blander description was probably not to be found) or glam punk, which actually is also quite a good fit.

I hope strongly that Inger Lorre will soon release new studio material. Even though she only made very occasional visits during the last twenty-six years, she is still a more than welcome guest on my stereo.

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