Inverted Matter - Detach

9 songs
34:23 minutes
***** ****
Lethal Scissor


The death metal genre began thirty-two years ago with Deathís seminal Scream Bloody Gore, and since then, according to the Encyclopaedia Metallum, about 45.000 bands followed in their footsteps. This means of course that itís getting harder and harder to distinguish one band from another, but occasionally you come across that one band that manages to stand out from the masses. Take for instance Inverted Matter from Italy who self-released their debut album Detach in 2017, and have it now re-released by Lethal Scissor Records. Some of the musicians played between 2008 and 2016 under the name Inverted, but due to some line-up changes, they also decided to change the band name to Inverted Matter.

Fans of old school death metal should be delighted. Although the raw vocals at first seem to be at odds with the complex structures, you will soon realise that they complement each other actually very well. On the drum set you will discover a certain Michael Smith, and while thatís also a name that probably thousands of people share, in this case heís none other than the former long-time drummer of Suffocation, another pioneering band of the early death metal movement. Since he lives on a different continent than his Italian co-musicians, they have never met in person.

Inverted Matterís songs display a lot of pace changes that rip the listener from one extreme to another. Drake Effect is a track where high speed records are met with quieter moments that are just as fascinating. Foreigner is another highlight where weird motifs will have the listener awed. Facility and Peak are two further tracks that are simply great and full of vertiginous speed without ever losing track of harmonies. I could endlessly go on with lauding the band, as Detach is one of the finest death metal albums I have heard in a long time. Even Missing Link, the only track running over five minutes, full of instrumental passages, knows to convince despite its being different from the remaining material.

The only letdown is the concluding and rather superfluous outro Singularity which offers four minutes of rather unspectacular boredom. In the end we are left with half an hour of death metal at the highest flawless technical level. A quarter hour more would definitely have been welcome, but as a killer album as Slayerís Reign In Blood also delivered its message in less than thirty minutes, the short running time shouldnít be held against the band. Inverted Matter are definitely a band you should keep an eye on.

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