IWKC - I Want To Believe

IWKC - I Want To Believe

2 songs
8:07 minutes
***** ***


Moscow based instrumental post rock band IWKC, which stands for I Will Kill Chita, have been quite busy since they started releasing music in 2010, with their newest single I Want To Believe being already their tenth output. In the past, the quartet has often experimented with guest musicians or collaborations, which makes this short output from December last year a more down-to-earth experience for them and their fans.

As the title suggests, I Want To Believe is a tribute to The X-Files. Anyone who watched that show in the Nineties might have been fascinated by the weird story lines, but rewatching the episodes today shows a certain although appealing cheesiness. In that same, IWKC have added Eighties sounding synthesizers to an otherwise truly pleasant instrumental post rock song. The band sometimes excels at epics that make it over twenty minutes, but they are just as apt at more concise songwriting. Close your eyes, and this single sounds like a lost soundtrack to the cult TV series.

The B-side is the shorter and mellower Dark Forest, that comes with an echo-heavy guitar reminding of Angelo Badalamenti’s soundtrack for Twin Peaks, another cult favourite TV show of the early Nineties. Although I prefer the bouncier A-side, all in all I can say: mission accomplished!

Fans might be disappointed that one year after IWKC’s collaborative album with WilleZurMacht, they only get two songs, but a good single is still better than no new music at all.

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