LIV SIN - Follow Me

Liv Sin - Follow Me

11 songs
45:14 minutes
***** ***


Although Sister Sin (2002-2015) have always been a very popular band that released four successful albums throughout their career, the musicians decided it was time to move on and consequently split up the band. Front woman Liv Jagrell soon found new musicians to found her new band Liv Sin. Jagrell, who is a fitness coach in her private life, delivers a very energetic performance on Follow Me.

Liv hired veteran musicians Stefan Kaufmann and Fitty Wienhold that should be known from Accept and U.D.O. Both know all the tricks of the trade, which shows on Follow Me from beginning to end. The album starts with the first single The Fall, a fast heavy metal track that sounds surprisingly American from this Swedish band. The powerful production highlights guitar solos and hammer riffs that are brimming with energy and dynamics. The songs are never too complicated, but usually real neckbreakers that never lack catchiness. Liv Jagrell has a strong voice that comes across like the female counterpart of W.A.S.P.’s Blacky Lawless. Godless Utopia is a truly wild track full of angry emotions. Occasionally the songs are a little less fierce, like Let Me Out and Endless Roads, which can be described as hard rock. There are even some famous guest artists showing up. The quite heavy Killing Ourselves To Live is a duet with Destruction’s Schmier. The dark and gothic Immortal Sin, a cover version of Rob Halford’s Fight, is another duet, this time with 69 Eyes’ Jyrki 69. The only weak moment comes with the concluding The Beast Inside. Although this track also has some strong moments, its lengthy intro feels somewhat overdone.

"The queen is dead. Long live the queen!", could be the motto of this album. Even though Sister Sin are no more, I doubt that many will miss them, as Liv Sin is a more than worthy successor. Anyone who likes rock, hard rock and heavy metal has no excuse to skip this record.

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