LOVELY WIFE - Audible Beef

Lovely Wife - Audible Beef

2 songs
39:31 minutes
***** **
Cruel Nature


Coming from a town close to Newcastle upon Tyne, way up North in England, Lovely Wife is a noise rock duo consisting of vocalist James Watts and bassist Joe Garrick who are often joined by guest musicians. On their new album Audible Beef, these are a guitarist, a drummer and a synth player.

Founded in 2011, it is hard to keep track of how many albums they have released so far, but it seems as if Audible Beef is the seventh item they have been involved in. As in the past, they play long song, like side-filling pieces. Audible Beef for instance consists of two intensive slabs of noise about twenty minutes long each. Itís been released on cassette tape and for the listenersí convenience also digitally.

One of the bandís major influences are Butthole Surfers, and it shows. Both tracks on this tape are elaborations on repetitive rhythm patterns, with the bass guitar evilly distorted, the guitar wailing over it all, the synthesizer adding more texture and alien sci-fi screams, while the vocalist is growling like a brutal death metal singer, although in a really slow and threatening way. The production is simple: it all sounds like a live recording, with the listener standing right in front of the stage. The band is pummelling its way in slow motion through it all, making this a really challenging although ultimately rewarding experience. Same can be said for Just Desserts, which is an even slower piece, channelling the spirit of sludge and doom metal, and violating your ears in the most horrifying yet fascinating way.

I canít say that Audible Beef is the kind of music you listen to on a regular basis, and it seems to me that this kind of gravelly dirty sludge doom noise rock is best enjoyed in a live setting. The guys truly manage to combine the ferocity of early Nineties AmRep noise rock with the more modern sludge / doom / post metal genres into something truly wicked and anything but pretty. And thatís the way it must have been designed. Tender ears better stay far away!

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