Manu und die Drei Akkorde - Misantropez

10 songs
26:00 minutes
***** ***
Finest Noise


"You don’t always have to take things so seriously in order to make them good" and "The best songs are often those that you can laugh at" are only two striking sentences from the short info sheet about Manu und die Drei Akkorde. The band consists of three musicians from Munich that have released three years after their debut EP Intellektül their first longplayer. Although longplayer is a big word, considering that the album is only twenty-six minutes short.

The music of M.U.D.D.A. (great pun, by the way) is simple melodic punk rock located somewhere between Terrorgruppe (with whom they will be touring this year) and Die Ärzte. The songs are sometimes faster, sometimes mellower, but they are always melodic and never too abrasive. Things are different with the lyrics that do aim to provoke and yet are always full of truth. Lance deals with doping in professional sports, and Cool in der Ecke stehn and Nostalgie are two songs I can really identify with, as they are seemingly a soundtrack of the last quarter century of my life. Most tracks are between two and three minutes long, only the quiet Misatropez which also comes with very clever lyrics is more than five minutes long.

Unfortunately the fun isn’t even half an hour long. Misantropez is perfect entertainment from the first to the last note. If you like humorous and uncomplicated Deutsch punk, you’re well served with M.U.D.D.A. I hope the next album will be a little longer though.

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