Mein Kopf ist ein brutaler Ort - Brutalin

10 songs
36:55 minutes
***** **
Finest Noise


Band name and album title are indication enough that we are in the presence of a brutal product. Mein Kopf ist ein brutal Ort have been founded in Frankfurt/Main in 2012, and play an aggressive mix of thrash metal, groove metal and hardcore. Listening to Brutalin gives the impression that the Germans have mostly been influenced by Pantera who popularised the genre a quarter century ago.

The six musicians take no prisoners with their ultra-violent music. Right away with the opener Zahltag things sound powerful and brutal. Their mix of thrash metal and hardcore surprises with successful pace changes. Some tracks, like Atemzug and Wohlfühlzone, show the band from their groovier side, which is where the Pantera influence is the strongest. The album’s highlight is Kopflast where the band is acting at their most complex, allowing themselves to stand out from their remaining material. Unfortunately MKIEBO are not yet able to maintain that level throughout the album. Not that the other songs are weak, but apart from the German lyrics, everything feels quite traditional. The last, untitled track comes with unexpected comedy and reminds me a lot of Badesalz, a comedy duo that also comes from the state of Hesse.

Maybe Brutalin would appeal more to me if I had only one third of my current age. The music is bold and straightforward, but ultimately lacks variety. Younger, more energetic kids might like the full-force energy, but I prefer my metal a little less modern. I don’t doubt that Mein Kopf ist ein brutaler Ort have reached their zenith quite yet.

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