MEIN KOPF IST EIN BRUTALER ORT - Selbstmitleitkultur

Mein Kopf ist ein brutaler Ort - Selbstmitleitkultur

10 songs
44:22 minutes
***** ***


Three years after their debut longplayer Brutalin, Mein Kopf ist ein brutaler Ort from Frankfurt in Germany are back with their second album Selbstmitleitkultur. And no, they didnít misspell the album title, but like in the past, the bandís lyrics are dealing with social issues. Topics like populism and fears for the future are part of the program, with the incitement to resist against those tendencies.

As on the first album, MKIEBO play a mix of Neue Deutsche Hšrte, groove metal and stoner rock. On most songs, they get down to it uncompromisingly, dispensing a healthy portion of "brutalin". The first two tracks Das Rad and Ikarus are so intense that you might need a pause already. Opferkreise is not quite as fast but just as brutal, leaving the impression as if a steamroller just rolled all over you. The following Richtung Endzeit is a fast track with some catchy hooks. Sehenden Auges comes with the crawling slowness of lava, and is just as dangerous. Towards the end of the album, the band surprises with Treibhaus, a song that veers away from their more typical sound, with an approach to brutal Deutsch punk from the late Eighties.

All in all, Selbstmitleitkultur sounds a little more complex than its predecessor. And yet my biggest problem is that most songs just donít want to stick with me. The much better production still makes this a very listenable album, and whenever I am in need of something utterly brutal, I can rely on Selbstmitleitkultur to give me just what I need.

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