MIND WHISPERS - Serpentarius

Mind Whispers - Serpentarius

9 songs
50:12 minutes
***** ****
M & O


French metal band Mind Whispers has been founded in 2002, and since 2005 this entertaining band from the Nouvelle Aquitaine region has released more or less every three years a new album. Serpentarius is already the fifth studio record from the quintet, coming exceptionally six years after its predecessor. This longer break might be due to three line-up changes.

As I am not familiar with the band’s old material, I concentrate all my energies on the newest output. Mind Whispers play melodic death metal, which doesn’t sound so exciting when I write it like that. However the band has a keyboarder in their line-up, which makes for a nice contrast to the otherwise quite powerful sound. This makes for some strange sounds that have a rather experimental nature. Repeated listening constantly reveals new details. Mind Whispers love to offer their audience unusual structures. The music is very varied and time and again trumps with effects that one wouldn’t have expected. Split is for instance a song that starts melancholically before tremendously harsh riffs take it into a wholly different direction. Again even flirts with the black metal genre which also works quite well for the band. The title track is incredibly playful and ends amazingly with a high speed musical box. Warriors Of Space lets me imagine that the band is also fond of progressive metal. The vocals are mostly growls but always fit well with the music.

Mind Whispers have a rather special sound. There are certainly more melodic death metal bands with a keyboard player in their line-up, but few integrate that instrument so successfully into their music. Serpentarius is an album that doesn’t cease surprising me with all its hidden details that will reveal themselves the more you listen to it. Mind Whispers are a highly talented band that once again show that France is no longer a blank space on the metal world map.

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