MODERN TECHNOLOGY - Modern Technology

Modern Technology - Modern Technology

6 songs
27:24 minutes
***** ***


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These two guys from East London have been so frustrated with the current post-truth society and the general state of affairs that they decided to found a bass and drum duo, a constellation in which they can vent their frustration to the max. Chris Clarke on bass and vocals and Owen Gildersleeve on drums have released in late 2018 their first eponymous EP, featuring six tracks of utter angst and dejection.

The EP starts with the track called Modern Technology, a rough and unpolished outburst of distorted bass guitar, pounding drums and imploring vocals full of pain. If you added a guitar, you might consider the doom metal genre, but this is more of a post-industrial offering that owes more to the darker musical genres of the Eighties and early Nineties. The opener comes with a break where the bass guitar slows down while the drums just double the pace, making for an unexpected, even rather jazzy touch, showing that these two musicians really harmonise well together. The following Project Fear is at two minutes the shortest track on the EP, and the only time where the pace accelerates to give it all a certain punk flair. Definitely the most accessible song you will find here! Select Retail is another highlight where the vocals get this narrative quality reminding me somewhat of the late Mark E. Smith, making this a truly threatening outing for the band.

The second half of the EP continues in that same direction, although the songs are maybe not quite as memorable as those on the first half. The overall impression is mostly one of the early Nineties, with American East coast bands like Cop Shoot Cop and Girls Against Boys, minus the guitars, having possibly been an inspiration. You can either get this as a pay-what-you-want download or as a limited twelve-inch clear vinyl record. All profits will be donated to charities! So if you like thundering post-industrial noise rock performed solely on bass and drums, you should find here the perfect soundtrack for the looming apocalypse.

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