Pandora's Bliss - Amarchord

12 songs
45:20 minutes
***** ***


German-Belgian trio Pandora’s Bliss isn’t that unknown in Luxembourg, as they have played already a couple of shows in the country. Therefore it isn’t that surprising that the local label Noiseworks decided to release the band’s third album Amarchord.

Pandora’s Bliss are stylistically located somewhere between punk, indie, grunge and riot. Focal point of attention is the rather short vocalist Annie whose jaded yet charismatic voice sounds like the female version of Kurt Cobain. The guitar comes with a gnarly sound that shows parallels to 90s alt rock legends like Dinosaur Jr, L7, Babes In Toyland and maybe even Leatherface, even if Pandora’s Bliss haven’t yet reached the maturity of these artists. Their songs are never that sophisticated, but come with such passion that give the unpolished sound a definite charm.

Highlights include the opener Talking To Your Head for which the band created also a visually artistic video clip. The grungy Ginny Says comes with a brutal metal part and is another of the band’s better tracks. I also want to point out the angry Don’t Marry Me and the emotional On The Rooftop. The remaining material is quite listenable too, with no failures among them.

Amarchord is definitely not the most demanding album of the year. But that wasn’t the band’s intention in the first place. Instead they are pursuing other goals: Pandora’s Bliss want to rock and make a lot of noise, and they have succeeded in that without a doubt on their third longplayer. This is definitely one of the better punk albums I have heard this year, and the only way to top their record is to catch this wild trio live on stage.

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