PERSONA - Elusive Reflections

Persona - Elusive Reflections

10 songs
46:01 minutes
***** **


Northern Africa seems to have found its predilection for metal music. After Myrath from Tunisia and Acyl from Algeria, Persona, also from Tunisia, are already the third metal band from that region that I got to discover this year. Founded in 2012, the band took four years to come out with their debut album. Persona consist of four men and two women, and as stereotypes dictate, one them sings and the other one plays the bass guitar.

Unlike the aforementioned bands, Persona donít play oriental flavoured metal but try to bridge the gap between symphonic metal and progressive rock. They donít do it half bad and convince with powerful rhythms and general talent when it comes to the instrumentation. Only the opener Somebody Else hints at the bandís geographic origins, but donít expect more of this from there onwards. The nine remaining tracks are sometimes powerful, melancholic, catchy or even gothic. The balance between melody and heaviness is working alright. The album offers partly very catchy material like Blinded and Ageless, yet song like Monsters and Persona show that the heavier side works also well for the band. Then there is Personaís melancholic side that can be heard on Forgotten and Smile.

There is still room for improvement though. First of all the band is still acting in a rather conventional way, and there are many female fronted metal bands that are far more adventurous. Also it has to be said that Jelena Dobric is not one of the genreís strongest singers and sounds sometimes a bit weak-chested.

Despite those few flaws, Persona are still a band worth checking out. Elusive Reflections is a respectable debut, and if the sextet dares to depart off the well-trodden path, they might just be able to add more suspense into future releases.

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