PERZONAL WAR - The Last Sunset

Perzonal War - The Last Sunset

10 songs
43:17 minutes


German metal band Perzonal War has been around since 1996 (back then still as Personal War), and have just now released their eighth studio album The Last Sunset. Yet I have to confess that I had never heard of them before. Not familiar with their past, their present material doesnít give me the impression that I have missed out on anything special.

The musicians must have garnered enough experience over the years, but I get the impression that they are still looking for their own sound. On the one hand they are using elements of melodic power metal reminding of Iced Earth and Grave Digger, on the other hand traditional thrash metal ŗ la Megadeth and Metallica is also an important component. Also youíll find modern groove metal parts, inspired by Machine Head and Pantera. The final result are ten more or less equally long tracks of different quality. Some songs are really good, like the modern sounding title track and I See Nothing which would have fitted stylistically on the last Metallica album. Then there are some heavier pieces like 30 Years and Metalizer that have a straightforward attitude but still sound a little blunt, lacking subtlety. Never Look Back and Times Of Hate are lacking speed and canít seem to get forward. The albumís low point comes with the ultra-commercial What Would You Say? that actually sounds like Nickelback.

With so many really good and great metal bands around, itís hard to see a reason why I would fall back on The Last Sunset by Perzonal War.

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