PURSON - Desire's Magic Theatre

Purson - Desire's Magic Theatre

10 songs
46:50 minutes
***** *****


Desireís Magic Theatre, the second album by British band Purson, starts with beastly laughter. Thatís probably because Purson is also the name of the Great King of Hell, served by legions of demons. The mastermind behind Purson the band is Rosalie Cunningham who is coincidentally to the day twenty years younger than me. Apart from the drums and some guest contributions, Ms Cunningham sings and plays all the instruments (electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion).

After a short intro, Desireís Magic Theatre takes a bluesy turn before they are drifting into other territories like lo-fi and psychedelia. Their music is clearly inspired by the late Sixties and the early Seventies, and despite strong classic rock influences, one can call this album a piece of timeless music. The fascination for Purson is mostly due to their front woman who not only is very good looking, but also has a very erotic and conjuring presence. Pursonís music is as multi-coloured as the cover artwork of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Especially the semi-ballad I Know, which comes with a mellotron part, would have fitted well on said album. The entire album is a motley firework that will let you discover something new with every repeated listening. Hereís a piano reminding of Todd Rundgrenís Utopia, thereís a flute invoking Jethro Tull, and the saxophone could have been borrowed from Van Der Graaf Generator. The hippie influence is also an important factor, with The Sky Parade being a hypnotic song that could have been on the soundtrack of the musical Hair. The Way It Is is successful retro pop that would not have felt out of order at the Beat Club TV show from the Seventies.

I rarely give an album the highest grade, but there was just no alternative for Desireís Magic Theatre. All ten songs are thought through exceptionally and incredibly varied, so that the album as a whole never grows old. Apart from that, check out for yourself and you will hear that this band has a lot to offer.

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