Vehement Animosity - Entropy

5 songs
21:02 minutes
***** ***


Cyprus may only be a small island in the Mediterranean, but I have come across a couple of metal bands from this place. I have the impression that usually these bands are playing symphonic or progressive power metal, which is why I was surprised to hear Vehement Animosity who play a technically very demanding death metal.

According to the band photos, the quartet consists of four quite young guys, and therefore it shouldnít surprise that the major influences comprise modern bands like Gojira, Between The Buried And Me and some more obscure acts. There are maybe some shadows of later Death, but do not be mistaken: Entropy is a thoroughly modern affair.

I guess itís a good idea to start your career with an EP, which works better as an appetiser than a whole longplayer. Not so cool is the hundred seconds long intro whose synth orchestration doesnít really add to what is to follow. So letís skip ahead to the first regular track Chiasma, a prime example of how progressive technical death metal has to sound. The two guitars are weaving intricate melodies and delivering fierce riffs, and the rhythm section varies between complex beat patterns and brutal staccato attacks. What is striking from the beginning is how talented the bass player is. His small solo excursions are a tiny yet potent ingredient in the songwriting. This continues on Epitomes Of Misanthropy, another progressive death fest that shows that despite being a debut, Entropy never leaves anything to chance. The vocals are functional if nothing out of the ordinary. The same goes for the production which doesnít come as powerful and glossy as those of the bandís role models, but it is good enough to give a thorough impression of what these guys are able of.

The song all average about five minutes, and never cease to surprise with unexpected parts that furthermore emphasise the progressive nature of the music. The EP can be downloaded at the fan-friendly name-your-price policy on the bandís Bandcamp page. Fans of heady death metal shouldnít hesitate for a second. Entropy may not yet be overly original or something mind-blowingly new, but Vehement Animosity make it clear that they are a talented bunch of death metal musicians, and with such a promising debut, one can expect many more great deeds to follow in the hopefully already near future.

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