ANTILOPE - Woanders ist es immer besser

Antilope - Woanders ist es immer besser

4 songs
14:59 minutes
***** ***


Antilope are from Bavaria and have been active in their local indie rock scene for quite a few years. The quintet released a first and rather decent single titled Bei dir hinter’m Haus in 2018, followed now by a four track EP Woanders ist es immer besser which can maintain easily the quality level of the single .The EP is available on vinyl and as a digital download, but not on CD.

Although the musicians are in their late thirties, they sound like children of the Nineties, as the noise rock of that era (bands like Sharon Stoned etc.) might have left their traces with Antilope. The opener Ich find mich nicht is a rather quiet and emotional track that sounds like a lost ballad of Rio Reiser. The following Tatortabend is a wilder track that also allows the vocalist to scream a little bit. Despite its short running time of under three minutes, there is a surprising amount of pace changes. The B-side starts with Düsterhaus, and true to its title, this is a gloomier and more sedate track. The concluding Lazarus is doubtlessly the catchiest and most melodic song on the EP, and would have been an ideal opener.

Woanders ist es immer besser is an entertaining and highly listenable affair. The balance between rousing and mellower moments is just fine. Despite nothing new being invented here, this has still turned out to be quite a varied EP. If you like German lyrics, distorted guitars and a pinch of emo rock, you should try to catch this Antilope.

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