The Figurines and the George Koreins - Trenton Akes The World Akes

7 songs
19:09 minutes
***** **

I have the vague impression that George Korein promised earlier this year to release fewer records, but that must have been a plan that quickly went wrong. A first album came out in March this year, then a collaborative effort with Figure Een in late May. In late July he released yet another short record under his own name, before a month later it’s time for the second album with Figure Een.

Like last time, the songs are quite short, and on a few of them, there are illustrious guest to be heard. On the opener The Figure Een Wrote An Opera, we get mainly pianist Eliane Gazzard and jazz vocalist Erica Corbo, whose atonal performance is quite genius, with the two masterminds and as so often Colin Marston doing little things here and there. The Crows Of Trenton has a chilly jazz timbre, with bass guitar, saxophone and electronics conjuring an authentic film noir atmosphere. Assembling The Governor has David L. Byrne on vocals, not to be confused with the better know David Byrne sans L. This is a rather trying piece, just as the following Cadaver Endeavors, an instrumental whose dark mood does fit though with the overall character of the record. Goat-Based Activities is at five and a half minutes the longest track, and while its early moments may seem silly, with its chorus being a terrifying take at Old MacDonald Had A Farm, the piece soon adds layer upon layer of drones and distortion, resulting in something truly frightening. Ake What You Can Get is another melancholy, gloomy piece of music, this time with heavy use of mellotron. Everybody’s Here is a minute long piece where all kinds of names of famous and not so famous people are narrated.

Trenton Akes The World Akes is another intriguing entry into the ever-growing canon of George Korein’s avantgarde take on music. It may have some lengths in the middle, but also contains a few top pieces. It seems to be some kind of short concept work about Trenton, the capital city of New Jersey. Its mood has a distinct Halloween feeling, so it should be just right for the season it has been released in.

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