FLUPPE - Billstedt

Fluppe - Billstedt

4 songs
14:53 minutes
***** **
Chateau Lala


Billstedt has a population of about 70.000, making it the second biggest district of Hamburg. Fluppe is jargon for cigarette, but also a group of four young musicians that comes from just that place. As they haven’t been around for long, they decided to start their career with the release of a four track EP.

The band doesn’t try to hide their origins and are not ashamed to be associated with the Hamburger Schule. Their EP was produced by Gregor Hennig who in the past did also work for Die Sterne. Musically speaking, Fluppe are located somewhere between indie rock and post punk, creating a sound that would also have felt at ease in the nineties.

The opener Aals is the most post punk track on the EP, but also contains elements that remind of the Neue Deutsche Welle movement of the eighties. Maybe not the best choice to begin the EP as it is not so accessible, but the following material has definitely more flow. Zwei Schüsse alte Kanzlei is much catchier and comes with a pleasant melody. Warten is my favourite track on Billstedt, offering finest diskurs pop that could have come from Die Sterne. You really have to try hard not to sing along. The EP ends with Après-Shit, an edgier piece that also works in the band’s favour.

Fluppe show how decent pop music has to sound, namely with the necessary amount of roughness, without neglecting the melodic components. You will have to listen repeatedly before you will be hooked. But once you’re there, you will find yourself looking forward to the quartet’s first longplayer which is due to be released in 2021.

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