GAYLORD - Wings Of The Joyful

Gaylord - Wings Of The Joyful

11 songs
42:03 minutes
***** ***
Blackened Death


The face behind Gaylord is Canadian artist Richard Weeks who has in the meantime moved to England. Just like many of his other projects (Olivia Neutered John, Carnivorous Forest, Alien Queen, Sea Wolves Of The Atlantic...), Gaylord is also a solo effort. The major difference between his projects is his choice of a pseudonym. Richard Weeks also seems to be a workaholic because he releases per year more products than most people take a holiday. His free time certainly takes place in the studio.

Another commonality of his projects is that they have a predilection for the more extreme sides of metal like death metal, thrash metal, goregrind and black metal. Gaylord, which is a nickname from Richard Weeks’ youth, puts a lot of emphasis on the antifascist stance of his lyrics. Although he really likes black metal a lot, he is not at all happy how the genre has turned to the right for quite a few acts.

Wings Of The Joyful is already Gaylord third longplayer, and compared to the predecessors from 2018 and 2019, there has been progress in musical terms. And yet the sound is still quite rough, the structures have been kept deliberately simple. On the fourth track Hunger, we get for the first time some variety in the form on pace changes and atmospheric parts that work really well for Gaylord. The following Borne From Inferno Winds is the album’s strongest track, because it comes with a incredibly driving beat. Weeks uses here his voice in a dual way, letting his heavy metal and black metal personas collide. After a short instrumental intermezzo, things continue with the angry Thorns From Below. Odd combines doom and black metal, which is still another new thing for Gaylord. The album ends with some more rough stuff, as is fitting for the raw black metal genre.

New accents are certainly hard to find on Wings Of The Joyful, but the material on this album is definitely quite solid. Richard Weeks loves extreme music, and he delivers in a convincing way. You can download a lot of his albums on Bandcamp for free or pay what you like, and frankly he definitely deserves to get a little something for his vast musical vision.

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