GEORGE?/KOREIN! - Certain Uncertain Circling

George?/Korein! - Certain Uncertain Circling

7 songs
25:26 minutes
***** ***


Hurray, George Korein is back! Exactly two months after his last EP, the hyperactive musician from Philadelphia is back with his already fifth release this year. Unlike his recent previous EPs, the music on Certain Uncertain Circling is purely instrumental, giving the whole endeavour a graver impression. As so often in the past, the music has been mixed and mastered by Colin Marston, his former bandmate of Infidel?/Castro! The way George Korein writes his name on this new effort is of course a hint at that band, whose experimental outlook it shares.

Each song has a different genre, but you really have to listen hard to recognise it. The opener Secting is a fusion track. It starts with lots of percussion before after a good minute hectic synths join the fun, making this feel like a beehive under attack. Shufling, a hip hop track, actually comes with a genre specific bass line but its chopped rhythm makes it hard to rhyme to. Anxing is minimalism, featuring Colin Marston on Warr guitar. This is layer added upon layer of busy synth arpeggios, making it to my ears anything but minimalist. Stasing is new age, which may work, although not very much is happening here. Truuding is apparently prog, and yes, the Hammond organ sounds may be a nod to the hard rocking Seventies. Flucting is world music, yet again itís hard to know why. The melody is meandering, and its generous length of six minutes give the artist ample time to build a great atmosphere. The album ends with Conving, a doom piece, and yes, it shares the plodding pace of doom metal. Again at five minutes a longer track, and where many artist better stay at more concise lengths, George Korein really knows how to use the space to build tension.

If George Koreinís recent endeavours reminded me often of The Residents, he has a more idiosyncratic approach on Certain Uncertain Circling. This is not an easy listening experience, but fans of demanding electronic music will find a lot to like here. Donít be deterred by the different genres the songs apparently belong to, because in the end you can quite well listen to this not even half-hour long record as it sounds more homogenous that its creator wants us to believe.

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