LORD VIGO - Danse de Noir

Lord Vigo - Danse de Noir

10 songs
44:18 minutes
***** *****
High Roller


Lord Vigo are one of Germany’s most hardworking metal bands. Founded in 2014, they have now released with Danse de Noir their third longplayer. They set already accents on their previous albums with their epic doom metal sound, but their new album manages to surpass their previously already very high level.

Danse de Noir is a concept album that lies somewhere between film noir and science fiction, influenced by Ghostbusters II and Blade Runner. Consequently the intro is called The Voight Kampff Situation, named after the device that tests if you’re a human or a replicant, straight out of Philip K. Dick’s universe. Between the songs you’ll get narrative moments where a female voice is soothingly explaining what’s up next.

This works exceptionally well with the epic doom metal sound which reminds me of such greats like Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus. It would be unfair to dismiss Lord Vigo as a mere copy. The basic framework may be similar, but there are a lot of additional elements to be discovered. At The Verge is for instance performed at an incredibly high level and comes with progressive moments that recall Queensr˙che’s most glorious days. Shoulder Of Orion is another highlight that comes with dramatic, higher vocals that made me think of Mercyful Fate. The following And The Planets Will Align is another powerful track, just like Between Despair and Ecstasy, a gloomy track full of suspense. At eight minutes, As Silence Grows Old is the album’s longest track, comes with lots of mood changes and shows the band from its most varied side. It is rather unusual to find the strongest material towards the end of the record.

Lord Vigo have been Germany’s leading doom metal band for quite some time now, and with Danse de Noir they finally can claim to be one of the best genre bands worldwide. This album is a prime example of how varied this kind of music can sound. Lord Vigo take their inspiration from doom metal’s pioneers and tweak it into a contemporary sound. Danse de Noir might very well become my favourite album of the year.

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