ONE TAPE - Goldfischglas

One Tape - Goldfischglas

11 songs
44:15 minutes
***** ***


The four members of One Tape from the German Sauerland are hardly twenty years old, but Goldfischglas is already their second longplayer. The new album was financed by a crowdfunding action which was so successful that the band could hire the well-known musician and sound engineer Holton Theissen (Dark Millennium, Zoodrake) to produce and master the recordings. The final result is of course flawless, but also the songs are worth your time.

Don’t expect the guys to reinvent music, but it is astonishing to observe the musicians’ ease at songwriting. From a musical perspective, One Tape lie somewhere between alternative rock and melodic punk rock. The voice of vocalist Mathis allows parallels to …But Alive, and when the band is acting catchier, one might feel reminded of Die Toten Hosen. The band members have different influences, which you can hear quite well throughout the album. The funky bass part on Anastasia is a clear nod to Red Hot Chili Peppers, the guitar is occasionally rocking hard and once, on Ok, even has the blues. The melancholic Womit hab ich das verdient also works quite well. The band even manages slower sounds on the ballad Bei Dir, which despite its sedate pace never sounds cheesy, a little like Rio Reiser did back when he as alive.

The vocals are sung clearly and therefore understandable, which is a good thing, because apart from lyrics about love, the guys can also tackle more serious topics, as on Piss Dich which is a position again right wing ideas, or Hallo Hilfe which criticises blind consumerist behaviour.

There is nothing truly new on Goldfischglas, but it is still fun to listen to the band’s uncomplicated mix between indie and punk rock. The album is three quarters of an hour long, and makes it through the rounds without a weak moment. Considering the musicians’ tender age, there is a bright future ahead for One Tape.

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