VARIOUS ARTISTS - Mark Barton's "The Sunday Experience"

Various Artists - Mark Barton's "The Sunday Experience"

37 songs
191:09 minutes
***** ****

Compilations can succeed or just as often fail. Sometimes they have a thematic background, at other times they support a cause. With Mark Barton's "The Sunday Experience", we are in the presence of the latter, and itís really a tragic tale. Bearsuit Records worked on compiling this tribute to writer and music reviewer Mark Barton who was suffering from terminal cancer. Unfortunately he died just a few weeks before the CD was released, and yet you should still support this valuable effort because all proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

In the past I was confronted oftentimes with such compilations where all kinds of artists contributed their material, and too often the intention was good but the final result just an unlistenable mess. And frankly, the hodgepodge of genres featured here should really not work, but surprisingly it really does! Nowadays weíre too used to Spotify playlists that we seem to have forgotten the charm of a handcrafted one. This compilation consists of eighteen songs that make it to seventy-seven minutes, and when you buy the CD, the Bandcamp download offers you nineteen further tracks, so that altogether you get a little over three hours of music.

The album begins with rather straightforward artists, and itís only later that things become stranger, the way we are used from Bearsuitís experimental electronica roster. Thereís garage rock, psychedelic rock, indie folk, industrial, ambientÖ And once I had listened the entire three hours of this lengthy but utterly likable compilation, I found myself checkout out some of the artists for more. I refrain from telling you which ones I really liked the most, because I donít want to play favourites, but just want to point out that some artists are featured with two or even three tracks. This turned out to be one hell of a cross-genre rollercoaster guide, which I can recommend to everyone who is not deterred by several different styles occurring in a single playlist.

The artists featured on Mark Barton's "The Sunday Experience" are, in alphabetical order, Bigflower, Eat Lights Become Lights, Exile Pots, FortDax, Godflesh, Haq, Harold Nono, Isan, JD Meatyard, John 3:16, Kiran Leonard, Moon Duo, Needle Into A Bug, Phil Reynolds & The Uncertain Futures, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Polypores, Pulselovers, Roi, Rothko, Schizo Fun Addict, Sendelica, The Bordellos, The Cleaners From Venus, The Gaa Gaas, The Lovely Eggs, The Sexual Objects, Vlimmer, Whizz Kid, Wizards Tell Lies, Xqui and Yellow 6.

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