GRORR - Ddulden's Last Flight

Grorr - Ddulden's Last Flight

8 songs
36:12 minutes
***** ****


Some people have a preference for strange names, like French band Grorr which has been around since 2005 and whose new album is titled Dduldenís Last Flight. Several line-up changes slowed things down, considering that their last album The Unknown Citizen was released seven years ago.

Itís hard to pin down stylistically the five musicians. There is a definite amount of modern progressive rock, but also some djent plus some Asian folk elements. The cover artwork hints already that the concept of the album is about a story taking place in Asia. To make things authentic, the musicians played all kinds of Asian instruments and Indian percussion. They only cheated a little with the Mongolian throat singing where they used effects and samples.

The album is subdivided into two parts, which on the vinyl version can be found on side A and side B. Both parts begin with a short instrumental, on the A side with sitar and monk chants that set you right into a fantasy journey to Asia. Sky High is a very brutal track that should also appeal to metal fans. Hit The Ground contrasts with its quieter mood, sounding rather like from a modern rock band. The first half ends with Sirens Call, a piece of modern progressive metal and definitely one of the recordís highlights. The second half also starts with a short instrumental but soon turns into weirder territory. Blackened Rain is still quite normal, but the combination of progressive rock with Asian folklore is quite unusual and impressive. The sitar even adds a psychedelic touch reminiscent of the later Beatles. The final two tracks Newborn Whirlwind and Last Flight show the band from its weirdest side. Lots of instruments are playing simultaneously and there are countless unexpected twists and turns. Itís probably impossible to sound any more progressive.

I feel sorry that I havenít discovered this intriguing French band earlier, but I am very happy that I finally had the pleasure to listen to their music that can best be described as fascinating.

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