Règlement de Comptes - First Demo

8 songs
11:59 minutes
***** ****


Coming seemingly out of nowhere, Luxembourgish band Règlement de Comptes has actually been founded in 2019, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, it was hard for them to play shows, which also that they didn’t have as much exposition as they could have had during normal times. Their members used to play in local underground bands like Cassée, Poshblokes, Rëff and some even more obscure acts, except for the vocalist who is the lead singer in reggae band Los Dueños and also has an old school rap project on the side, although his beginnings happened in the punk hardcore movement, and that’s where Règlement de Comptes are heading on their first demo.

As if there were no tomorrow, the band is pummelling its way through eight songs in exactly twelve minutes. With an average of one and a half minute per song, we are in the presence of a classic hardcore punk bands that makes you feel like being back in the early 1990s, when Luxembourg had a thriving scene with acts like Wounded Knee, No More, Bakunin’s Children... plus legends like Born Against and Yuppicide playing unforgettable shows at the Schluechthaus down south in Esch.

Everything is fast and brutal! The guitar is firing away riff after searing riff, the bass guitar keeps a steady rhythm to keep it all afloat, the drums are thrashing away like a maniac, and the vocals are screaming, barking and shrieking full of venom. This could be a simplistic exercise in nostalgia, but the surprising thing is that the song miniatures do come with structure and melody underneath all the noisy brutality. The production is simple, like a rehearsal room recording, which is ok because this is clearly labelled a demo. And yet the production is also functional. I couldn’t imagine these song grenades coming with a glossier sound. And because this is truest hardcore punk, your only option currently is to download the demo for free on the band’s Bandcamp page. You can’t even leave a donation. Fans of early hardcore punk of the American persuasion, with a sound that has its roots in the early 1980s, will be delighted by this sonic time machine. It doesn’t come much better than this, and the authenticity of the demo is also beyond par.

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