THE ROGUES – Songs Of Praise


I have never come across a product that strikes me as fake as this debut album from The Rogues, a supposedly Irish pop punk band. Let’s start with the band name, a rip-off of The Pogues, and googling it will show you that there are quite a few Irish folk bands named The Rogues. Next, take the cover artwork, which is so fully stereotypical of all things Irish, and looks like generated by an AI. Let’s move on with the band being a quartet, yet there are only three band members on the promo shot, which is so blurred that you can’t distinguish anything. Then there’s the music which sound like some guy in his basement emulating Celtic punk on some digital audio workstation. Maybe it’s also been generated by one of those new AI programs that can automatically write songs according to your written input. Lastly, the band has no Internet presence whatsoever, apart from the album being on streaming platforms. Their biography also seems quite imaginary.

Be that as it may, there are actually quite a few nice songs to be found on Songs Of Praise. Raise Your Glass And Raise Your Fist is a nice parody of Celtic pop punk with emulated guitars on very low bitrates and wobbly vocals to match. Bonnie & Clyde even manages some melancholic depth, and Spiaggiarri conjures an anthemic spirit not untypical of Irish music. There are also a lot of really short pieces, interludes, that give the album an even more comedic note.

The band – if one can talk of a band in this instance – has already threated two further albums later this year, making this a triptych that they compare to The Clash’s Sandinista!. Is this delusion of grandeur, or just another facet of this possibly AI project. Never since Sigue Sigue Sputnik has punk sounded faker, but it takes guts to release an album like Songs Of Praise. Now I am wondering if the next albums will come out this year, and shed more light on what this really is.

15 songs

29:40 minutes

***** **

Genre: celtic pop punk

Label: Atypeek