SPANISH CASTLE Ė California Vibes


Lately, I have gotten used to one new Spanish Castle EP every year. Until 2021, these EPs were released under the name Carlo Nogo, nom de plume of a musician who used to play guitar in Yegussa and Nogo Stunts. Even though he goes now by the name Spanish Castle, it is still a solo project, with Carlo playing guitar and bass, and programming drums and synths. Only his two cats are guest-meowing on a track.

California Vibes is his tenth EP, and at a little more than half an hour feels rather like a short longplayer. Carlo is mostly a guitar player, and that shows. His influences can be traced to the classic rock of the seventies and the hedonistic hard rock of the eighties, with Eddie Van Halen coming to mind. The nine songs are inspired by a trip to California, and they really feel sun-drenched and full of that languid feeling you get while hanging around in the sun. The songs are instrumental, like always is the case with Carlo Nogo / Spanish Castle. His bass playing continues to improve. The drum programming is nothing special but still functional, working well with the songs.

As Carlo is a very private person, you wonít find much about him on the Internet. There is a small YouTube page, and of course his Bandcamp page where you find all of his EPs. Donít even think about leaving a tip, because the only option to get the album is a free download. This might be considered fan-friendly, but maybe he should allow his customers to pay for his music.

Fans of instrumental guitar rock music should be delighted by the nine sometimes intimate, occasionally rocking songs that are just another step in Carlo Nogoís long musical journey.

9 songs

31:42 minutes

***** ***

Genre: instrumental rock


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